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The 3P Automation Material List for Actuators The Comprehensive Range of Actuators for Automation Processes

Here you can find all that 3P Automation offers in the actuators’ section for automation processes from the manufacturers Schoppe & Faeser (S&F), Hartmann & Braun (H&B) and ABB. In our material list we list all our products. You are welcome to contact us for further details on anything in the list and for individual price information.

3P Automation’s refurbished drives allow you to replace your existing drives 1:1 (plug & play) without having to put up with long production downtime. In addition, extensive adaptation measures in the existing installation are no longer necessary. This will save you a lot of time and money!
Actuators from Schoppe & Faeser (S&F), Hartmann & Braun (H&B) and ABB

Drive Type
RH 10-30 C
RH 10-60 C
RH 125-30 T
RH 25-30 T
RH 400-30 T
RH 400-30 T
RH 400-30 T
RH 4-60
RH 4-60 K
RH 5-15 T
RH 5-30 C
RH 5-30 C Ex
RH 5-30 T
RH 60-10 T
RH 60-30 T
RH 60-60 T
RH 8-30 T
RH10-30 C
RH10-30 T
RHA 1250-35 T
RHA 2500-25 T
RHA 2500-45 T
RHA 2500-45 T + 2.5E
RHA 2500-70 T
RHA 250-30 C
RHA 250-30 T
RHA 4000-40 T
RHA 4000-70 T
RHA 500-60 T
RHA 800-15 T
RHA 800-35 C
RHC 250-60
RHC 25-30
RHD 250-10
RS 100-0,8 T
RS 100-1,5 T
RS 10-1,3 T Ex
RS 10-3,0 T
RS 10-3,0T Ex
RS 20-1,5 T
RS 20-4,0 T
RS 4-0,5 C
RS 4-1,0 C
RS 50-1,5 T
RSB 20-2,5/100
RSD 100-1,5/150
RSD 20-5 0/100
RST 10-60 C
RST 12-10 T
RST 125-60 T
RST 200-30 T + 2.5E
RST 25-30 T
RST 5-30 C
RST 60-10T
RST 60-30 T
RST 8-30 T
ST 60 /30 F38
ST 60-30 C
ST 60-30 T
ST 8-30 T
Motor M 023B
Motor M063B
Motor M163LT
Motor M163T
Motor M403LT
Motor M753LT
Motor M1203LT
Motor M2403LT
Motor MP2403LT
Position transmitter
S2 (2-Leiter)
S4 (4-Leiter)
Power electronics
EBN 851 H
EBN 853

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